The Decoy Princess by Dawn Cook

The Decoy Princess

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The Decoy Princess Dawn Cook
Language: English
Page: 368
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0441013554, 9780441013555
Publisher: Ace

From Publishers Weekly

After acclaim in recent years for his short fiction ("Shanidar"), Zindell delivers a typical first novel: talented, ambitious, wildly uneven and desperately in need of more editing. This is the story of Mallory Ringess, starting with his induction as a pilot in the Order of Mystic Mathematicians. Seeking nothing less than the secret of life, Mallory flies to the Solid State Entity, a computer goddess whose mental space is a treacherous interstellar region. Navigation and survival depend on the pilot's solving the intellectual tests put before him. Following this lively rite-of-passage opener, however, is a melodramatic multi-page sequence of primitive life among an Eskimo-like people. Several hundred more pages are devoted to the city of Neverness, and to Mallory's rebellion against his father, the Lord Pilot. Cliches and fortune-cookie profundities are unfortunately interspersed amid thoughtful philosophic concepts and challenging writing, recalling early John Barth, particularly Giles Goat-Boy.
Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Library Journal

The lifelong quest of Mallory Ringess, master pilot of the spacefaring Order of Pilots, leads him beyond the "manifold" of space into the mind of a godlike being who imparts to him a secret that will alter the course of the universe. From the wonders of the ice-city of Neverness to the vast field of exploding stars known as the Vild, Zindell's heady prose opens a gateway to a world of rich imagination. Based on his short story "Shanidar," this first novel is highly recommended. JC
Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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