Graphics Programming with GDI+ by Mahesh Chand

Graphics Programming with GDI+

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Graphics Programming with GDI+ Mahesh Chand
Language: English
Page: 709
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0321160770, 9780321160775
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

GDI+ is a part of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 that provides graphics, imaging, and typography functionality. It is a successor to GDI, the Graphics Device Interface included in previous versions of Windows. It improves on GDI in a number of ways, both by adding new features and by optimizing existing features. There is little documentation available on GDI+, and only two books available on it, both of which are written at a very introductory level. This book teaches .NET developers how to work with GDI+ as they develop applications that include graphics, or that interact with monitors or printers. It begins by explaining the difference between GDI and GDI+, and covering the basic concepts of graphics programming in Windows. It goes on to show the relationship between GDI+ and .NET. Chand then quickly moves to more advanced topics. The chapters start with simple code samples, and then move on to more complex real world applications. The author keeps a practical focus throughout, while teaching the entire GDI+ API defined in the .NET framework class library. All code samples in the book will be in C#. The companion Web site will have the code samples in both C# and Visual Basic .NET.

From the Back Cover

"This is the most comprehensive book about graphics programming using GDI+ so far. This book will be a very useful handbook for everyone who does graphics programming for Windows."

--Min Liu, Software Design Engineer of GDI+, Microsoft Corporation

Graphics Programming with GDI+ is the .NET developer's guide to writing graphics applications for Windows and the Web. Through the use of detailed examples it provides experienced programmers with a deep understanding of the entire GDI+ API defined in the .NET Framework class library.

The book begins with an introduction to GDI+ and the basics of graphics programming in Windows. The core of the book is a hands-on guide to practical topics, including how to use Windows Forms and optimize GDI+ performance. Chapters demonstrate how to develop real-world tools such as GDI+Painter, GDI+Editor, ImageViewer, and ImageAnimator. The author provides extensive reusable sample code in C# throughout, and complete downloadable source code in C# and Visual Basic .NET is available online, as are color versions of screen shots from the book.

Key topics include:

How GDI+ compares to GDI How GDI+ is defined and used in the .NET Framework How to draw, paint, and fill graphics objects Viewing and manipulating images Transforming graphics objects, images, and colors Printing in .NET How to develop GDI+ Web applications How to optimize drawing quality and performance Interactive color blending and transparent colors GDI interoperability Answers to frequently asked GDI+ questions Graphics Programming in GDI+ is the most in-depth treatment available on writing effective graphics applications for the .NET Framework.


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